Grammar Materials

  • Lessons: instructions and quizzes which give you the opportunity to learn about and practice error types found on our GUM sheet.
  • Forms: a collection of printable grammar sheets.
  • Proofreading Practice: quizzes which will help you spot errors in your own and in others' writing.
  • Fun: games using grammar skills.
  • Links: other sites about grammar.


Fragments Run-ons
Apostrophes Capitalization
Pronoun Case Diction
Compound & Introductory Commas Misplaced Modifiers
Interrupter Commas Parallelism
Comparison Quotations
Shift & Tense Errors Subject/Verb Agreement
Pronoun Agreement Pronoun Reference

Forms (in separate windows)

GUM Sheet GUM Sheet with Corrections Sample Errors
Middle School GUM Sheet GUM Tally Sheet Shrunken Grammar Test

Proofreading Exercises

Exercise #1 - assorted errors. Exercise #2 - assorted errors.


GramLibs - a phrases and clauses version of the old word game.  

Links (in separate windows)

Darling's Grammar Page - a great source for lessons and quizzes.
Strunk's Elements of Style - a classic about composition via Columbia.

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